Thinkst is looking for an awesome Front End Developer

We’re Thinkst and we like to tackle fun/interesting problems.

From a SaaS offering that allows companies to test their Phishing
defences ( to modern, quickly deployable honeypots

We’re looking for a junior dev to handle front-end work, basic support
and light sysadmin.

The stack is pretty standard (a combo of LAMP(y), Flask, Bootstrap,
jQuery, D3, Redis, Celeryd, EC2), and our focus is on delivery rather
than zealotry.

The front-end role is a precursor to working on the heavy lifting code
and you’ll eventually migrate from JS to Python. It’s ideal for a
young dev looking to gain exposure while working with a small but
experienced team that ships.

Our products are used all over the world, and theres a good chance
that companies you use, use Thinkst :>

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