The Tech4Africa PR campaign: a resounding success

Good news still coming from our great event! Emerging Media, the team behind Tech4Africa’s PR strategy and implementation, has just released amazing results obtained for the conference.

The Tech4Africa media campaign has been a huge success, becoming a PR and social media case in its own right.

  • More than 11 million people exposed to the conference through the press, online and social media.
  • Campaign exposure valued at US$621,123
  • Over 4400 online mentions.

Find more juicy bits of information in this fascinating infographic created by BrandsEye, the company that tracked Tech4Africa’s online mentions for Emerging Media. The PR guys had something to add too and they shared their experience in their post “Tech4Africa PR campaign sets up conference for longevity and sustainability”.

The successful PR and social media campaign developed for Tech4Africa was ground-breaking, as it had no reliance on traditional advertising but nevertheless managed to secure full attendance.

The high levels of online media coverage reached are due to the great job of our PR partners and the support we received from the press. But it was also possible because speakers, delegates and people interested in the event actively participated in online conversations and discussions before, during and after the conference. To all of them, thank you for helping to spread the word and making Tech4Africa the inspiring event it became!